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Miss America Bikini Pictures of the Day

Apparently there was a beauty pageant and with all beauty pageants they had a bikini competition because you can’t spell beauty without bikini. I know that made no sense….I am just bored as fuck and these pictures aren’t doing it for me…I hate pageant girls…mainly because they are the ones who enlist themselves in the shit…meaning they think they have what it takes to make it and win…while I far prefer bitches who don’t realize they are hot and worth listening to talk about generic questions and policies they know nothing about…it’s easier to deal with…

These pageant girls have had too much positive reenforcement…the kind of person you will kill yourself if you ever land her and get the opportunity to knock her up and take it cuz girls like that aren’t supposed to let guys like you in them….Since I don’t have the right to post these pictures….here is a totally unrelated beauty paegeant….

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Miss America is a Terrorist of the Day

Muslims are getting at you guys from all angles. Not only is your President a Muslim but so is your Miss America…leading me to believe that the Arab nation has found its way in to fight you fromt eh inside, and maybe the right winged crazy white christian fundamentalists will eventually be phased out, which is a good thing cuz they scare the fuck out of me, and maybe your whole country will become an Islam nation and all you heathens are gonna be killed off….or maybe this is just progress, you know a sign of you guys can celebrate the fact that your nation is multi-cultural and accepting…you know appreciate the fact that anyone can make it and live the American Dream thanks to freedom, but I doubt it. You fucking racists….

But maybe her bikini body will remind you that pussy cures all wounds…it can make us do crazy things…it can unite a broken naiton…so maybe an Arab Miss USA isn’t a band thing…as long as she’s in a bikini…making stupid speeches instead of making suicide bombs…

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The Miss America Pageant Happened and The Winner Wasn’t Black of the Day

It’s nice to see that America hasn’t got too much jungle fever and hasn’t lost their morals and values by deciding that black people don’t need to win every competition and election they participate in during this week’s Miss America shit. I mean sure, it’s politically correct and deserved, because they are a people who have been oppressed by the white man their entire existence in North America, I mean the only reason they were even brought over was to be slaves to the white man, and it is okay for them to have their time to shine, but there’s no need to get repetitive and predictible and give every black person who runs the prize, or the job, or even your seat on the bus, unless they really deserve it and go above and beyond what you’d want out of a winner. You gotta keep them on their toes a little and not let them think they’ve broke down all boundaries and won their cause because it’ll fuck up the whole fabric of America.

Truthfully, I don’t care who wins this garbage, beauty pageants make no fucking sense to me, considering the girls involved are generally not beautiful, and because they distract from the whole beauty thing by letting them talk. I also like seeing the black people take over the USA because white people are fucking boring, I just like to make you think I don’t for dramatic purposes.

Here’s some of the swimsuit potion of the contest….because I am hoping you weren’t watching this shit….

And here’s one of the talent show components freaking me the fuck out….

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Miss USA Embarrasses Her Country At the Miss Universe Contest of the Day

This is all over the news, so I thought I’d throw it up to start the day and for everyone who hasn’t seen it yet to laugh, because seeing people fall is always funny.

Maybe I just like seeing the failed dreams of a little American girl who spent her life thinking about this day at the Miss Universe pageant and finally finds herself at the event and in the top 10, so close to making it come true that the taste of victory is on this bitches lips but she cracks under the the pressure and ends up on her ass.

Maybe this is just a self-sabotaging moment to get back at this girl’s mom, who’s been forcing her to do these pageants since she was a kid, and the dream of being Miss Universe was forced on her by her crazy pagenat mom, and despite being lucky to come out alive and non Jon Benet Ramsayed, still had to commit pageant suicide to come to grips with the deep routed pain she feels.

Maybe I just like seeing the USA fail on the international level even with something so insignificant as a beauty pageant, but I think the truth is that I just like seeing bitches fall on their asses especailly while in beauty pageants, because let’s face it, the brain power it takes to be in one of these contests is about none and seeing Miss USA struggle to put one leg over the other and walk just proves how retarded she is.

Either way, watch the video.

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Miss America’s Preliminary Bikini Contest of the Day

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I am not sure what these are from, but they look like they were shot in the 90s. It’s supposed to be some Miss America preliminary bikini contest that has 18 of the girls in pretty ghetto lookin’ bikinis that remind me of the Discount Store staff pool party, that probably doesn’t actually exist, but should, because every company should get their staff half naked and wet because they can.

I was never into pageant chicks, but that’s because real hot girls try to do something better with their looks, like strip or move to LA with dreams of acting or modeling and fame only to end up in porn, so I wasn’t surprised when I realized that the only 2 girls worth jerking off to in these pics out of 18 are the blonde with fake tits and the weird Mexican lookin midget, but that’s only because she probably tastes like old tacos and I’m pretty fucking hungry right now, my wife ate all the food, again.

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