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The Miss America Pageant Happened and The Winner Wasn’t Black of the Day

It’s nice to see that America hasn’t got too much jungle fever and hasn’t lost their morals and values by deciding that black people don’t need to win every competition and election they participate in during this week’s Miss America shit. I mean sure, it’s politically correct and deserved, because they are a people who have been oppressed by the white man their entire existence in North America, I mean the only reason they were even brought over was to be slaves to the white man, and it is okay for them to have their time to shine, but there’s no need to get repetitive and predictible and give every black person who runs the prize, or the job, or even your seat on the bus, unless they really deserve it and go above and beyond what you’d want out of a winner. You gotta keep them on their toes a little and not let them think they’ve broke down all boundaries and won their cause because it’ll fuck up the whole fabric of America.

Truthfully, I don’t care who wins this garbage, beauty pageants make no fucking sense to me, considering the girls involved are generally not beautiful, and because they distract from the whole beauty thing by letting them talk. I also like seeing the black people take over the USA because white people are fucking boring, I just like to make you think I don’t for dramatic purposes.

Here’s some of the swimsuit potion of the contest….because I am hoping you weren’t watching this shit….

And here’s one of the talent show components freaking me the fuck out….

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