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Miss America is a Terrorist of the Day

Muslims are getting at you guys from all angles. Not only is your President a Muslim but so is your Miss America…leading me to believe that the Arab nation has found its way in to fight you fromt eh inside, and maybe the right winged crazy white christian fundamentalists will eventually be phased out, which is a good thing cuz they scare the fuck out of me, and maybe your whole country will become an Islam nation and all you heathens are gonna be killed off….or maybe this is just progress, you know a sign of you guys can celebrate the fact that your nation is multi-cultural and accepting…you know appreciate the fact that anyone can make it and live the American Dream thanks to freedom, but I doubt it. You fucking racists….

But maybe her bikini body will remind you that pussy cures all wounds…it can make us do crazy things…it can unite a broken naiton…so maybe an Arab Miss USA isn’t a band thing…as long as she’s in a bikini…making stupid speeches instead of making suicide bombs…

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