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Natalia Vodianova in her Underwear of the Day

Natalia Vodianova is some Russian model who I always hear people talking about. She escaped Russia to be a successful model when she was 15. The perfect age for nude fashion shoots and topless runway shows because modeling is the only legal kiddie porn these days….not that I am into that stuff…but I know you are…

She’s married to some billionaire property guy in the UK, because Russian girls all think they are princesses, high maintenance bitches who forget about communism because they are too blinded by Dolce and Gabana and their gangster boyfriends….

She looks good half naked, I just wish I didn’t read that she has 3 kids on wikipedia, trying to bring you the facts, cuz that just ruined everything…

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  • suz

    She does loads of work for charity. Has some foundation that builds playgrounds for poor kids in Russia, I think….