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Adrianne Curry Naked Sushi for Attention of the Day

The darkest day in my TWITTER History was the day Adrianne Curry told me off for being a disgusting person…I don’t fully remember what she said about me before blocking me, but I do know that it was said between her crying for attention by posting controversial, exhibitionist style pictures hoping someone will notice her useless reality star married to a Brady for attention…and now she’s posting pictures of her doing naked sushi…something I’d be more into if the rankest fish at the table wasn’t her bottom feeding pussy…..and you gotta understand that I love all dirty, bottom feeding pussy, especially when it knows I exist….so I really despise this shit….

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  • Al

    Pour over that soy sauce!

  • Becky

    Is that one of the GoGo’S sitting next to her?

  • Cornflakes

    Yeah it’s Jane Wiedlin — this is an ollld pic from one of those VH1 “Lock the D-list celebrities in a house together” shows.

  • Joe

    That poor Brady guy must be really fed up to the neck and getting ulcers with this chicks B.S !
    I dont care how good she looks in a bikini–not worth it
    If you have money to loose and it fly’s, floats or fornicate f*cking RENT IT then drop it off

  • Joe

    Yes, midget lesbian GoGo

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