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Tryin’ To Look Up Amy Adams’ Skirt on The Muppets Set of the Day

I don’t really know who Amy Adams is. I just know that I am trying to look up her skirt on the set of The Muppets movie.

You’d think Hollywood would have the ability to find new things to make movies about, but shit’s just remake after remake, after remake, and despite having memories of watching The Muppet show and liking it in the 80s, my friend tried to make me watch the shit recently and I wanted to kill myself, those fucking creepy stuffed things are irritating as shit..

The only way I’d be down with this project is if it was a hardcore porn, not cuz I want to see Amy Adams fuck, but cuz I want to see muppets fuck, and if Amy Adams happens to be there, so be it….

Either way, here are the pics, lacking in vagina lip….but I give the best I can….it’s not my fault Amy Adams is boring as shit.

Here’s the upskirt pic…

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