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Selena Gomez Fake Topless Photo of the Day

Apparently there are fake Selena Gomez topless pics going around….I didn’t see them, but I don’t really read the internet, I write it…badly…

Did you know that it is illegal to photoshop people under the age of 18 onto pictures of people fucking? You can go to jail for that shit…So pedophiles can’t get off to actual naked kids and they can’t get off to modified legal pictures with pictures of kids faces cropped on them, you know to tap into their fantasies and keep them off the streets.forcing them to give creepy while making dirty moans while sitting at the park looking onto kids playing….Where are there rights?

Oh, Selena Gomez is 18…well there goes this post….but it brings up a valid point…who the fuck is sitting at home photoshopping these things and why….oh right…my entire readership…HornyLohanWanker, I’m talking to you…

Publicity stunts are fun with tits…

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  • asd4363

    lol thats fake xD from here
    http:// www. selenagomeznudes. com/selena-gomez-fakes/

  • Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker, PhD (rescinded)

    Si senor, she’s a dirty Mexican girl. Fake? Sure. But still got me aroused….

  • cowbulls

    There are dozens of “working girls” that look just like this chick in every Boys Town all up and down the US/Mexico border.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    I am afraid that spics, even little spic girls don’t work quite as well for my naughty bits as well as little Thai girls.

  • Slicklock

    When I want to see any famous naked photos in ciruclation, I know I only need come here. I heard about the naked Selena Gomez fakes and every other site I went to has only got the censored photo posted. I couldnt believe how may sites were big pussies and afraid to publish the uncesored shot. What a bunch of scared little cunts. But not this dude. Drunken Stepfather is the place to come for the best shit ever.

  • Very nice site http://www.drunkenstepfather.com/index.php/2011/01/19/selena-gomez-fake-topless-photo-of-the-day, I like it, mind if I send your link to some friends?

  • Pervofthecentury

    Why does Selena Gomez remind me of every fucking stripper in every club in Montreal? Could it be that her genes don’t lie? That she comes from the whore pool? Oh well.

    At least she’s rich enough to dispense with the bullshit “I’m putting myself through college” line.

  • Yeah, she’s pretty sexy, but i just cant get off on fakes.