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Marisa Miller Showing Off her Workout of the Day

Marisa Miller did Shape magazine, because she’s a fantastic shape even if she has fake tits, which I fucking hate….

I also hate that she looks like a 40 year old french stripper with no lips and a hard face…..ready to chain smoke and give a lap dance for 8 dollars a song, even though the other girls charge 10 dollars a song…She’s a smar t marketer like that…..but I’m just being an asshole…because a body as fit as this is something worth staring at……

She’s peddling a line of signature surfboards and her interview made me hate her, but you’ll be down with her All-American marketing strategy…cuz that’s just the person you are….and I’ll just remain the person staring at the amazingly tight shit….

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  • ?

    Are you fucking getting senile? We told you a long time a go that her tits were real. You published a comment say oh,… you were wrong. Now you do it again? I understand you’re fucking delusional and make random comments and attack people to feel better about yourself, but come on… try to at least mask it behind some facts. Then you won’t just look like an idiot.

  • cowbulls

    Let’s be nice to a natural chick that likes to be naked and seems to understand her role.