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Victoria Silvstedt Intentionally Drops her Purse of the Day

Victoria Silvstedt was invited to an event. It was the NRJ Music awards, it went down somewhere in Europe and such high profile people like an assortment of cheesy club DJs were in attendance, so it wasn’t like bitch was invited to the Oscars, but that didn’t stop her to cry for attention by accidentally dropping her purse and making the face she usually gets paid to do in the privacy of her bedroom for her Billionaire John who bank rolls her whoring, and the whole thing was funny to me cuz I hate the bitch, despite appreciating her tight older body, leaving me emotionally torn…provided I actually had emotions…which I don’t….

Here are some funny pics of Silvstedt accidentally dropping her purse to get noticed at an irrelevant event….which is the only event she’s getting invited to…for self-explanatory reasons…

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