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Rosanna Arquette on the Beach of the Day

Trying to look up Rosanna Arquette’s beach surong, and I really have no idea why….it probably has to do with it being a slow day in my celebrity pussy digging….or maybe because deep down in my subconscious, I want to fuck her tranny sex change brother , but that’s really no secret….I mean compared to her 51 year old body…it’s not my fault I’d be drawn to her younger more vibrant “sister”….

Ok, enough of this…I need to find something to cleanse these horrible unchristian thoughts…

Not that I’d seriously ever fuck a tranny, I’d just let them give me head, it’s so not gay that way.

I don’t know what I’m talking about, I guess Rosanna Arquette just has that affect on me…

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  • Jimmyjam

    How the fuck is it that Latinos don’t think it’s gay to get a blow job from another man? I will never understand this shit. It’s like my friend who says he’s not gay, goes to the XXX video store and shops for tranny videos, but then says it’s not gay. I mean, come on. And NO, they don’t look better than real women, so don’t try that excuse. A man is a man, no matter what they make themselves look like. And a man’s mouth, is somehow connected at one end to a swingin’ dick. Don’t get it fuck in’ twisted Nancy.