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Elle Macpherson Long Legs in Leggings of the Day

Retired models are alright, especially when showing off their nice long legs, even when those nice long legs are pushing 50, have a pile of kids, and are doing mommy duty by picking them up at school, cuz she’s got nothing else going on.

Retired models are even better when they are the aged version of the bitch who introduced me to bikini models, SI Swimsuit magazine spreads and see thru bikini tops back in 1989 when I was just a 18 year old immigrant….

Not that you care, and either do I, I just know that I appreciate erotica in all walks of life, including when bitches are just walking in life…If you know what I mean…and if you don’t. sit on a park bench this spring and you will see the light of everyday erotica…even if it’s not spread eagled and finger itself on stage.

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