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Tara Reid’s Discoball of Love in her Uterus of the Day

Either Tara Reid’s has let her anorexia go, pill popping, appetite supressing hangover go and is finally allowing the calories from her hard drinking to catch up with her, or she’s growing a discoball of love in her uterus of her her own.

I am always amazed by Tara Reid’s ability to not be dead, from having the two decade long spring break party, and think she is well equipped to be a mother as she really gets what today’s youth is all about, as long as their is a keg close by.

I don’t know what I’m getting at her, but I do think she’s knocked up, and it’s nice that she found herself an immigrant “business man” to help maintain and continue the party that is her life…

I could be wrong, this is all based on her bloated stomach, which could be just a distended stomach like she was out of ethiopia, or her period, or even some heroin fueled constapation and really, who fucking cares….

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Even with her deformed titties, she is painfully hot, whoever would be able to pull me out of her oh so tasty snatch would be crowned king of England!

  • cowbulls

    Damn she cleans up great. I just don’t know if I could enjoy filling her full of my seed knowing her past. I would like to check out those lopsided boobs. But then I would be tempted to nail her and I don’t want to catch know knows what disease she might have gotten in her crazy days.