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Rebecca Romijn Stamos Guy from My Secret Identity’s Last Name Legs of the Day

I have no idea why I am posting this shit. Maybe it’s to address what a slut she is you know having married so many dudes. Maybe it’s cuz we all used to find her hot. Maybe it’s my inner muslim hot and bothered by the little skin she’s showing, inspiring me to rape and beat her senseless like she was a CBS reporter, maybe that was too soon to make a joke about as the CBS reporter still has stitches in her vagina holding her together after her Egypt incident I have little sympathy for, only because throwing yourself amongst crazed Arabs is kinda stupid, I mean look what they did to the Twin Towers…there’s no doubt they’d do it to a vagina if it was wearing a skirt and they knew they’d get away with it…not that that has anything to do with “Rebecca Rominjn Stamos Guy From My Secret Idenity’s Last Name”….but I feel like maybe it does…cuz pics like this only turn on her obsessed virgin loser fans who can’t get over their love for her…and sexually repressed muslims…Don’t drive your plane into my house please, I’m just stating the obvious. No Racist.

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  • anony

    She was such a pain in the ass they wrote her out of Ugly Betty.
    And what’s she doing now?