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Maxim Bottom Feeds with Michelle Trachtenberg of the Day


This is funny to me on a few levels. Firstly, I hate Maxim. I think the magazine is shit, itt’s struggling, they can’t get a decent bitch in a photoshoot, but more importantly, they are fucking assholes. Their vice president emails me consistently acting like a total cocksucker…

So when I saw this Michelle Trachtenberg shit, a bitch who people only found hot cuz she was Buffy’s underage sister on a show that lured in the perverts, over a decade ago…

So when I saw them trying to make her doughy, uninteresting ass sexy, I realized, this was one of the final nails in the coffin of a magazine you’d think was innovative, if you were an idiot frat boy with no grasp of reality…which I am pretty sure you are…

So here is their promo video 10,000 people watched in the last 5 days, cuz Maxim is a sinking ship….

And now I wait for their idiot marketing executive to email me to take this down, when he should be hiring me as his replacement, cuz clearly he fucking sucks and this is all his fault.

No offense to Michelle Trachtenberg, I’m sure she’s a decent person and all that shit….She’s just not meant for Maxim and is the victim in all this…

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Too bad, she used to be hot.

  • Hey guys- Let’s end her career!

    Did someone say “JAP”?
    I despise this cunt and would love to see a tribe of spear-chucking Africans from black-jungle-Africa, do there worst on this obnoxious bitch!
    She was cute for five minutes when she was on Buffy, but if you’ve ever heard her on a talk show- she is one of the meanest cunts in the business. BOYCOTT HER FILMS!!!
    When your girlfriends want to go to a chick-flick, DO NOT SEE ANYTHING WITH HER NAME IN IT!!!- we don’t need another spoiled (talentless) brat whose going to tell us why her Mexican servant boy isn’t putting the ice in her drink!!!! ( Think Lindsay Lohan)
    If enough of her films bomb, they’ll toss her back to Long Island (a.k.a. “Jap Land”) where she belongs…

  • roscoe

    I’ve heard her on talk shows and she seems pretty smart and not bitchy. Plus she’s hot.

  • Ben

    I’d still hit it…