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Sofia Vergara Aggressively Photoshopped for Shape Magazine of the Day

Shape Magazine is some inspirational shit for fat chicks. It’s this fantasy magazine they read thinking that they’ll follow the fad of the moment to work off their cake-eating gunt, but they never do, they just feel better in the fantasy…and to make things even more cartoon-like the magazine photoshops abs on every celebrity they convince to get on the cover. Sofia Vergara being the latest.

The only reason Sofia Vergara is in any shape is cuz she’s finally had the time to recoverer from the damage years of sucking dick to the top took on her. It’s like millions of spic immigrants come to America, only one becomes famous, something’s I call “Hooker” is up with that….

Not that it matters, she’s got big tits and more importantly she was a teen mother and we like that so here are her pics.

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  • cowbulls

    I so hope that she screwed her way to the top. I can’t imagine ignoring that body to receive a blow job from her.

  • Doug

    I get it. You’re so angry at the world for the lousy deal God dealt you that your only comfort in life comes in the form of racist tirades against women you could never even dream to touch. Guess what? This won’t work either. For your pain there is only one solution: remove yourself from the world. Have a nice day.

  • belugajones

    what happened to this magazine?

  • no2lames

    She is fine but how much of her body is real?