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Amanda Bynes Slutty Twitpics of the Day

On Valentines Day, Amanda Bynes posted a pictures called “Bikini Top” that looks more like a bra under a zip up hoodie in some kind of pornography self produced with a cell phone that I like.

One week later, I catch wind of it and post it like it’s news cuz I hardly remember Amanda Bynes, other than that “she’s a man” and don’t keep up to speed on her day to day activities as she slowly decends into total irrelevance….

Twitter is an amazing thing. It makes the paparazzi and the tabloids obsolete all while giving the people something to jerk off to. Thanks Twitter, even though you make me feel useless and unpopular cuz I am….. see Twitter just speaks in “real talk” and “truths”…no bullshit there…nope…none…

I know…It’s a waste of time…it’s all bullshit but these pics aren’t…So good work Amanda Bynes…you figured out the point of twitter….cuz their CEOs and everyone who uses it haven’t been able to…

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