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Shauna Sand in What Could Be Recycled Bikini Pics of the Day

I’ve been covering Shauna Sand and her really weird looking existence for a pretty long time now….I had the official exclusive of her Bottom Feeding Sex Tape ….I released her vile, dead looking animal looking vagina, which you’d probably expect based on her face and history as a ballerina turned pornstar due to daddy issues story….and here she is in a bikini staged pictures that are interchangeable with all her other staged bikini pictures….that could even be the same bikini as her bikini pictures of yesteryear, the only thing that’s different is the French Male Escort who is clearly gay and on salary that she’s got carrying her purse…

For some reason, she’s using the same PR strategy, even though she’s tried this already and still hasn’t sold out her shitty euro fag dance music album , it has hardly workled….but I guess it’s worked enough for her low standards….cuz people are talking about her…and here are the bikini pics…that bore me…even though she’s definitely some kind of well built science experiment that deserves her own show on Discovery….

Who cares about this low level pornstar……especially since she’s on repeat…well based on this post…I guess I do…that depresses me.

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  • I bet Lorenzo Llamas and their kids are just loving this…

    Lauran Childs.