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Booty Shake Video of the Day

It’s Friday….what better way to celebrate the fact that you may or may not have two days off…depending on whether you actually have a full time job…and not just McDonald’s shift work cuz it’s all you are skilled enough for….than with a video of a girl who is clearly a little thick….practicing for the black guys she wants to get fucked by…cuz white guy just don’t make her feel like enough of a whore….I guess she figures if she takes this to the stripclub, or even the night club, or even the local KFC on 2 dollar chicken night, she’ll get swarmed by a famous rapper who will take her on tour as his whore ass back-up dancer….cuz that’s what all white girls dream about…It’s true.

This Friday is about dreams…


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  • Wierd. Although if a lot of women put this kind of effort into washing day, might be a hell of a good thing!

  • m3

    She has a nice ass but her booty-shaking skills are pretty weak.