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Adrianne Curry’s Cry for Attention on Twitter of the Day

It amazes me that people follow someone so insignificant…so uninteresting…so useless…no, I’m not talking about myself, asshole. I’m talking about Adrianne Curry, some low grade reality star who pretty much sold out for very minimal attention, who is trying to relive the glory days of her fame using twitter….So she posts half naked pics, or pics of her at comic conferences cuz they are all that will book her…or pics of her flexing and the whole thing is tedious cuz we already know nudity will get you noticed…how about trying something new you trash can….She also calls crappy virgin comic book loser’s shitty drawings of her, the kid creepy fans make “art”….anything for followers….Pretty much taking anything that she can get…except maybe loving words from me cuz she ended up blocking me…cuz I’m just that good at Twitter ….

So here is a picture of her thong…insignificant, uninteresting, useeles but for some reason good enough to put on the site…which is saying a lot about the kind of guy I am…luckily no one is listening…

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  • Bob Smith

    Is this someone famous?

    Looks cute from the back, but it doesn’t rate on the bone-o-meter