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Courtney Cox Single Old Mom Bikini Pictures of the Day

I don’t know if thes epics are old or new…I try no to look at these things too closely, you know like staring at the sun, I’m scared I’ll go blind…

If I was David Arquette – and thank god I’m not – I would have got rid of Courtney Cox too…at least based on these bikini pics – cuz she’s old, tred and the collagen’s not holding up her ass the way it used to. Maybe it’s the pregnancies…maybe it’s laziness…maybe it’s just straight up aging..but whatever it is…it’s disgusting…

I know what’ you’re thinking – that I’m an idiot and that she looks great for 40…but that’s exactly my point…thanks for proving what I so gracefully failed at getting across, great for 40 isn’t great for 20 and if you don’t have to be stuck with that shit and you can go for the 20 year olds cuz you were that guy in Scream…you sure as hell better…cuz you only live once….and it preferable to be done with a hot box full of youthful joy and a willingness to spend your money and treat you like the best show and tell presentation…than be in the shadow of some bitter, old, cunt…even if Arquette is pulling some pussy shit and trying to crawl back to Courtney Cox cuz he ran out of money and was tired of being some tween’s dancing monkey financier in exchange for un-weathered pussy or some shit…kinda defeating the whole point of this post…..

I’m so insightful. I wonder why I don’t have a show on Oprah’s new network…

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  • Bob Smith

    You said cox!

  • Bob Smith

    Why would you hold comments that simply say “Cox” in them. Doesn’t make sense. All I said was “You said Cox”, which you did.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Courtney Cox is nice, she’s really nice. yummy yummy yummy yummy!