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Vanessa Hudgens Baby Bump of the Day

I like making up fake gossip…I mean I figure since everyone else in the world makes these stories up….I should get my moment of glory…who knows maybe one day I’ll be credited as a source…like a real website…but I doubt it…I’m the kind of guy who is first to bat, hits the homerun, but no one notices cuz I’m playing in the corner alone and not at the actual game everyone else is at…Story of my life…

So my fake story that is probably real is that Vanessa Hudgens is knocked up.

I mean I wouldn’t put this pregnancy past her. First it makes her talked about when no one is talking. Second, it give her something to hug when everyone else has forgot her…cuz last time I checked babies only get taken away when you fuck them, or when you fuck yourself up on meth and forget to feed them for a week and get caught because you left the kid behind in a bar you were buying your next fix at…or something equally fun but equally hard to pull off….cuz people just don’t take your kids away that easy…meaning there will always be hugs for Hudgens..

Either way, This little West Side Story ethnic bitch sold to Disney to help make her parents millions, who faked a relationship with a homosexual, only to realease nude pics as a cry that her lonely vagina was in need of getting fed….only to eventually let it get fat, raw dog with a creampie finish cuz she was so deprived and felt ready to take that step in her life…

Or maybe she’s just been getting fed…and she’s fat…but the ethnic looking pregnant teen is a much more interesting look as far as I’m concerned…waiting for marriage is so suburban and boring….

Either way, who cares…this is fake gossip…so everything is possible..

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  • Skull

    That’s called a cum pouch.