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Courtney Cox Bikini Pictures Continue of the Day

I stand by yesterday’s Courtney Cox Bikini post where I said she looks like shit cuz “she looks good for 45” doesn’t really work for me because good for 40 isn’t the same as good for 20 and just because she has that handicap against her doesn’t mean she gets extra points…

That’s not to say I wouldn’t taste her from the inside, It’s just to say if I was David Arquette, I’d escape this to be some novelty act to 20 year olds who have seen Scream with their tight vaginas, only to come crawling back, begging for my family back, blaming a midlife crisis while holding the happiness of our child as the beacon of hope to get her back, when I was tired of whoring myself out footing the bill and saying catch phrases or answering questions about Jennifer Aniston….

That’s all I have to say about that…

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  • This is NOT hot!

    Spare us the granny ass- (she should have been flashing her ass-cheeks back in ’82) Too little too late.

  • cowbulls

    I think she looks pretty good for her age. Plus she is barely used based to that limp dick husband of hers.

  • Al

    Juicy and perky!

  • Bob Smith

    You said Cox.