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Whitney Houston’s Daughter is a Cokehead of the Day

Her name is Bobbi Kristina Brown. She goes by the name Krissi. She’s nice and fucking gutter like her mom Whitney…at least she’s pretending to be by getting press for a picture of her ripping lines of the white stuff….not that doing drugs is a big deal, I mean just look at Charlie Sheen, he seems to be doing well with it….

Everyone’s into snorting drugs…shit’s the new smoking cigarettes to be cool in high school…it doesn’t impress me to see 18 year old girls in the bathroom ripping lines, if anyting it annoys me, cuz I can’t stand listening to someone high on coke, they just ramble on and on about how great they are, I’m more into hanging with people high on smack, heroin is just way more laid back…

Not that it matters….this is clearly a publicity stunt so everyone knows bitch exists…and when it comes to publicity stunts, I’m far more into sex tapes…

Bitch needs to take some Morgan Freeman / Lawrence Fishburne/ Denzel Washington lead and get fucked on camera already….

On a sidenote, I was at a part the other night and we ended up watching Whiteny Houston high on crack performing video, all sweat covered and amazing, I’m not sure if this is the one I liked, cuz I was drunk, but I do know the bitch on crack is fun.

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