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Whitney’s Last Photoshoot of the Day

I hate the Whitney death, not cuz I was a fan, or that I care about a dead drug addict who can sing, many drug addicts who can sing die every day, they just aren’t millionaires, they are real crack head using piss to clean syringes and shit, not the diamond studded Whitney Version…

What it comes down to is that I wonder how much her whore family made on this shit, you know preteding it is for her daughter’s college fund, or rehab programs or whatever…pretty fucking tasteless….

But there are necrophiliacs out there who would argue this is Whitney at her hottest…luckily…I’m not one of those people….I’m more into the lost art of grave robbing….fucking close-circuit security camers….especially when there half a million in this shit…it is like some pirate treasure motherfuckers…

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Whitney Houston Doing Coke in a Bikini Pre-Death of the Day

I’m over the Whitney Houston death….because I don’t care about drug addicts and I don’t care when they die…just like she was probably didn’t care when people died…except maybe her drug dealer…cuz addicts are into themselves…

But someone posted this picture on Facebook with the caption Whitney Houston Doing Coke and I laughed…so I figured I’d pass it on to you idiots…

Cuz in times of tragedy that isn’t really tragedy….cuz people everywhere are dying…from the people fighting our wars…to little kids with cancer to moms giving birth…to Africans starving to death all HIV positive….making this Whitney thing just more of spoiled brat diva feeling sorry for herself who spend a long time waiting for death to happen….archive bikini pics of them with tasteless jokes make for good times…it helps us deal with our sadness…


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R.I.P. Motherfucker the Whitney Houston Edition of the Day

WHITNEY HOUSTON is dead….the day before the grammy’s…..shocking….I am pretty sure she died years ago….but I guess deatht only counts when you’re heart stops beating…the cause of death is unkown…but I”m gonna say it had something to do with being a tormented addict…so whether her heart went out, or she finally killed herself, it is safe to say it wasn’t natural causes or complications from plastic surgery, or car accident, or murder…I’m already over it. Would have been more fun if this was an RIP Lohan or really anyone but Whitney post….

The other day I asked for a natural disaster or global tragedy or celebrity death because I am a sick person and the powers that be kinda pulled through today with the news of Whitney Houston’s death…why take a crackhead from us….

I can’t say I didn’t see this corpse of a woman and her tormented soul’s end coming the last decade…if anything she is a medical miracle who needs to be studied to learn how massive million dollar addiction took so long to knock her down…

And you know 48 is young to die…but at least she made her mark, made her music and left her legacy….something all the crackheads I know who died premature didn’t have the chance to do….

I am only sad cuz I love me some crackhead pussy….I will miss laughing at her crackhead behavior and trying to masturbate to her sweaty crackhead body and even cry to her Angelic song that is now actual angelic song when reflecting on all the lost love in y life… but the truth is we were out with the old on this bitch for a while now…this is no MJ death…she was ready to die and really trying to die for a long fucking time…the real tragedy in all this is that I didn’t get to fuck her like I was Bobby Brown…

Here is her last performance….2 Days Ago….

I have no sympathy for drug addicts…I just know it really gives us perspective how fragile a life is when you throw a million dollar drug addiction at it for the last decade…it also really gives perspective on how Kevin Costner has been a horrible bodyguard…..

Now we need to listen to all the memorial shit….but I think this homie does it best….

BONUS – if you want to see the last dick she had before dying fuck Kim Kardashian…. FOLLOW THIS LINK

As a journalist, I will keep on top of this story…digging for truths and all exclusives interviews and updates with hotel staff…friends…..keep checking in…

UPDATE: 10:15 – She’s still dead….

UPDATE: 10:29 – Still dead….

Update 10:39 – thinking about all the people who didn’t have a 10 year multi-million dollar drug addiction the last decade who died today….you know the mothers, fathers, kids with cancer, grandmothers, respectable people in the community….who didn’t spend 10-15 years killing themselves….

UPDATE: 10:41 – Just watched this performance at the beginning of her career….1986 Grammy’s…before she killed herself….

Update: 10:42 – Just googled Whitney Houston Fat

Updatee 10:46 – Looking for nudes….not necessarily of Whitney….but just found out she was a model as a kid………

Update 10:50 – Just watched this….and laughed…

Update 10:51 – Whitney Houston remains dead…and I think her ghost just knocked on my window….fuck…I hope I’m not gonna be haunted for life like she was…..

Update 10:53 – I’m totally over this Whitney Death….

Update 10:54 – I need to go get drunk and high like I was Whitney…cuz all this drunk and high talk is making me hungry to get drunk and high….from one addict to another….

Update 10:34 am (12 hours of not caring in)- She drowned to death probably because of prescription pills like Xanax…something I already assumed…because prescription pills is America’s epidemic.

Update 11:27 pm – After the Grammys…..where Jennifer Hudson performed for Whitney and L.L. imposed his religion on everyone by making them pray….leadiing to me making bad jokes about murdered families…

RIP Motherfucker.

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Whitney Houston’s Daughter is a Cokehead of the Day

Her name is Bobbi Kristina Brown. She goes by the name Krissi. She’s nice and fucking gutter like her mom Whitney…at least she’s pretending to be by getting press for a picture of her ripping lines of the white stuff….not that doing drugs is a big deal, I mean just look at Charlie Sheen, he seems to be doing well with it….

Everyone’s into snorting drugs…shit’s the new smoking cigarettes to be cool in high school…it doesn’t impress me to see 18 year old girls in the bathroom ripping lines, if anyting it annoys me, cuz I can’t stand listening to someone high on coke, they just ramble on and on about how great they are, I’m more into hanging with people high on smack, heroin is just way more laid back…

Not that it matters….this is clearly a publicity stunt so everyone knows bitch exists…and when it comes to publicity stunts, I’m far more into sex tapes…

Bitch needs to take some Morgan Freeman / Lawrence Fishburne/ Denzel Washington lead and get fucked on camera already….

On a sidenote, I was at a part the other night and we ended up watching Whiteny Houston high on crack performing video, all sweat covered and amazing, I’m not sure if this is the one I liked, cuz I was drunk, but I do know the bitch on crack is fun.

To Read The Story Follow THIS LINK

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Whitney Houston Singing The Bodyguard Song of the Day

Here is a video of Whitney Houston. I am not posting it because I think she is hot, despite lookin like a black crackwhore I’d pay to suck my dick, I am not posting this becuase I think she’s a talent who speaks directly to my soul everytime she opens her mouth where I feel like my ears are making love to angels from above and emotion takesover and I feel alive, I am posting this to remind you that no matter where you are in life, the good times will end and just can’t last forever, they will most likely come crashing down on you in some kind of wreck, that leaves you taking drugs to deal with the loss, and taking water breaks performing your single most well knowns song…

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