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Charlize Theron Showing Some Tank Top Nipple of the Day

Before there was Candice Swanepoel, South Africa was known for Charlize Theron, or at least in Hollywood it was, cuz I am sure South Africa offers more to the world that a couple of hot pussies from generations of cross breeding, like HIV, Blood Diamonds, Racism and that movie about aliens……I guess they also had The World Cup….not that it matters…what does matter is that Charlize Theron, a bitch I loved in Playboy back when she launched her career, is bringing her hard nipple out in public…

Sure she’s done it before and before….all while showing us how to solve the race wars….

This bitch is all about the nipple and this isn’t news but it is new – I’m a fan…so enjoy…

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  • Joe

    Charlize is fulla shit !
    Just like all her houses in her mothers name (full of dogs and dogshit)
    No normal man would put up with that BS

  • beavis

    I would pick up the shit from every dog she had if all she agreed to do was talk me through a monkey spank.

  • Long Dick

    Theron is a part time bisexual and a full time lesbo.

  • Chris

    Wow – amazing that yet ANOTHER woman has nipples.