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Daisy Lowe Illegitimate Child Nude for GQ of the Day

Here’s Gwen Stefani’s surprise steepdaughter….and as a drunkenstepfather, I have an affinity for people in unwanted extended families…this story is hilarious to me….even funnier than her husbands gay sex romps…cuz after watching a Gwen Stefani music video, you know you gotta be bi sexual to be into that ripped core…because here is this rockstar trash who falls in love with Australian rockstar trash only to have Daisy Lowe surface after they started a family of their own…only to say Gavin Rossdale’s her day and dude denied and denied and denied until the paternity test…at which point dude paid and paid and paid on so many fucking levels….and now the bitch is modeling….half naked…like most of these fashionista hipsters with rich parents…trying to find purpose in their coke fueled daddy issue life…and I kinda like it….but not as much as I like her bare ass

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  • I think ALL ladies look, BEAUTIFUL, magnificently pretty!!!!!

  • doodles

    Wow, great spelling and grammar. Won’t need to visit this site again.