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Miley Cyrus Self Shot Camera Phone Picture of the Day

Here is Miley on set for something that may or may not be generic, fabricated, scripted, sluttiness…but the good news is that I guess she likes what she’s seeing and how they dolled her up cuz she busted out the camera phone to share with whoever the fuck she shared this with….I mean I just the pics…I don’t dig for the source of the pics…cuz clearly she’s the attention seeking photographer…and all right are reserved for her…and luckily the whole point of this picture was to get some of the attention she lost back when she turned 18 and no one cared she was 18..but rather wanted to see her on all fours with inanimate or even animate objects in her ass and pussy at the same time….

But I like to think a girl willing to take a pic of herself, known as self shot pics in the porn world, wearing what could be underwear…but what I think is underwear over underwear….a pet peeve of mine that you witness at many stripclubs..is always good enough for me…cuz self shot pics are always fucking amazing no matter how naked or hot the bitch is…it’s one of those “high concept” pornographic things…where the psychology, willingness of the girl and the fact she leaked it thinking she looked good makes up for the lack of object in ass and pussy at the same time…

Good Hustle MIley!

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