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Pregnant Jessica Alba in Leggings of the Day

These were pictures of Jessica Alba pretending to be a good mother by hugging her daughter goodbye for the paparazzi before passing her off to the nanny to tend to her because her kid thinks her nanny is her mother, and Alba is some Aunt who takes her out for photo opps….

You see when she got knocked up the first time by Cash Warren, it was to trap him when he was trying to escape his relationship to her, she never really planned on doing any of the work, that the benefit of being a rich self involved cunt, she probably didn’t realize it was going to ruin her career, cuz self involved cunts don’t realize they have no talent and were just cast cuz people wanted to fuck them….not that I really know anything about Alba, other than that she’s pregnant again, and walking around in pussy hugging leggings, that I don’t mind lookin’ at, cuz pregnant or not, mangled mom pussy or not, fat, sloppy or not, I’m always down with leggings on bitches, especially when they can’t do the whole bikini thing anymore and this is the best the bitch can get…It’s one of the main reasons I leave my house.

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  • Bob Smith

    She might as well breed. The body never really came back after that first baby, now after the 2nd, she’ll look like the lady that cleans my house every friday.