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Liz Hurley Old Lady Street Walker of the Day

Liz Hurley is some hot old lady tits who owns a bikini line, but who won’t get in a bikini, and show her bikini line, I assume she waxes in hopes of feeling youthful like a 7 year old in her bedroom for her billionaire husband…probably cuz she’s not a busty 20 year old model who gets movie roles she once was and that aging shit fucks her up at her core….you know insecure about her mom body….but based on these pictures looks better than most bodies…maybe it’s just cuz she’s wearing black and shit is slimming according to my highschool Home Ec class I volunteered to teach for the pussy, but maybe I’m just down with old ladies holding onto their youth, especially when they walk the streets like common whores, when I know they are all fancy and use perfumed lotions on their pussies and shit back at her castle….AMazing

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