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Katerhine Heigl is Massive of the Day

It always amazes me when I hear people say shit like “Katherine Heigl is so Hot”…I know, shocking, but it has happened and it throws me off, mainly because she’s a fucking monster…the kind of pussy you’d expect to start a Tsunami when cum farting a load out of her ass in the bath…so I decided to post these pictures of her man-handling some dude – to prove my fucking point that she’s a monster…always appropriate to post the closest thing to Godzilla in Hollywood…you know always tying bullshit disasters to natural disasters…it’s my thing.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would climb that fucking mountain and plant my seed in it’s eye, for all mankind.

    Hell, I would climb both her mountains and get that look on my face as I was rubbing one out on her massive nipple.


  • Bob Smith

    She’s no monster, but she ain’t hot, either.

    She’s pretty typical hollywood starlet, destined to be forgotten in another 18 months.

    Why she left Grey’s Anatomy is a real mystery. Everything else she has done sucks.

  • cowbulls

    The no talent but giving head bimbo started bitching about how bad the writers were on her show. They wrote her dumpy ass out and all the anal sex she could offer wasn’t enough to get her character brought back.

    The stupid dime a dozen bitches that think anyone gives a damn what they think or have to say are funny. Maybe Heigl and Alba could do a porno together.

  • anony

    Has she gotten rid of that kid she adopted yet? You know, the one she got to try to garner some sympathy and good pr?