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Possible Vanessa Hudgens Staged Self Shot Nudes for Attention Round 2 of the Day


I know I’m gonna get sued for posting these pics, even though me posting these pics is exactly what the bitch wants, otherwise she wouldn’t have released the shit to the internet, you know cuz her new movie sucked, she’s a natural whore, she’s trying to break free from the Disney stigma, she was trained at a young age to use her pussy to advance her career, she wasn’t trained to shave the pussy. You think she woulda learned since last time…Luckily, I’m down with bush.

That said, the last nude scandal is the last time people actually talked about her, or cared about her, or noticed her. So why not do it again….makes sense…

I don’t know where the uncensored pics are, but it’s Sunday and right now I’m hating Vanessa Hudgens for making me turn on my computer during my downtime, cunt.


Get it, cuz she’s showing her cunt and it is quite fucking pink.

Who fucking cares. I’m so over and done with fake nude scandals, even with real nudes pics. All girls are whores. All girls have pics like this, the challenge is getting them all in my inbox…I don’t like when they are just given to me…you know I’m a man and therefore a hunter so I like the chase my prey….so unless I was hacking her computer and found these, I’m not so eager. It’s the same reason I hate porn, just knowing bitches are into getting paid to suck that dick makes the blowjob less awesome no matter how awesome it is.

She’s making out with no name Nickelodeon girl Alexa Nikolas, who I can assume released the pics…to get herself out there…cuz girls making out with each other is always for male attention as real dykes don’t exist…and I guess so is spreading pussy…

Enjoy…the bullshit…while it lasts…I am sure ther’es a lot more to come.

Keep in mind – these may not be of Vanessa Hudgens, I was just told they are and I’m speculating. They are censored. Shes’ 20. So I’m gonna assume these are legal to post. Cuz underage nudity is bad.


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  • roscoe

    very, very nice

  • Dicks McCracken

    When the fuck are you publishing the uncensored?

  • Dick Dublin

    Where is the link to the good ones ? I want to see them all.

  • I’ve seen the uncensored pics. That top picture isn’t her vagina. She’s actually petting a baby pig.

  • MoPotkins

    I call shenenigans on the vag pic. That roll of fat on the leg is way too big to be hers.

  • your family sucks

    why are they censored ?

  • Fuckoff

    That “roll of fat” is her right arm holding the camera between her legs, you dumb fuck.


    these are probably from the last set and she’s underage. so you’re posting child pornography, and it’s illegal

  • derp

    that isnt a roll of fat you dumbfuck, it looks like her other arm. called perspective.

  • The Ripper

    I see that you got a mention on Egotastic I wonder if your site traffic will be up, I’m sure your hate mail will be

  • gluebomb

    every one who says underage is a disney nazi and a deluded fan just trying to white knight for them.

  • maw

    tits or gtfo

  • hmmm

    where are the uncensored pictures?????

  • A

    She was 17 when she took thEse pictures, wich means they’re considered Child Pornograpjy, even of they are censored!
    Remove them & stop being such a sick pervert!

  • McGraw

    Come on with the uncensored pics!!!!!!!!

  • i HATE captain-save-ho’s

    Every time there is a post like this,when some little slut (who just happens to be a FAMOUS whore) purposely takes pics like these AND leaks them — there is always a CAPTAIN SAVE-A-HOE who always tries to make people feel bad for looking at these pics. And threatining a site to take the pics down becuz its “illegal”,they’re a fan, or whatever the fuck lame excuse comes out your mouth. To those people I say PLEASE shut the fuck up. Also “roll of fat” comment…who could u not know that was her arm extended? The uncensored ones need to be released asap…my dick is already on rock solid just seeing these two little sluts go at it…but i ‘m not gonna waste my nut yet. I’m sure the uncensored will come out soon. Along with Vanessa’s lame,half hearted shock and apology which will only make me beat dick like a billion times harder. Just knowing how freaky this young beautiful bitch with her BEAUTIFUL bush is,makes me want to tear her ass up! (Which is exactly how she likes it I’ll bet) Zac Efron is toooo pussy to give that gurl what she needw

  • Cool

    I vote for uncensored 🙂

  • cocksuckingfuckingtits


  • In Full Agreement!

    I agree with “i HATE captain-save-ho’s”, some stupid stuck up attention whore that wouldn’t spit on you in real life if you were on fire decides to show the goods then just sit back and enjoy. If you don’t want to see it then don’t look at it, but stop with all the troll baiting morality police bullshit. An I’m looking for the uncensored ones too.

  • vomit

    Most girls are ho’s, and all men are fucking disgusting worthless pigs.

  • Master Baitor

    Ashley, go back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. You don’t speak unless you’re spoken to.

  • Why are you here?

    Okay too the people who are hating on these pics gtfo cause obviously you dont want to be here also for the people who are asking for the uncensored pics read the fucking article.

  • Ashley Part Two

    Master Baiter, shut the f–k up and go make me a sandwich, b-tch.

  • cowbulls

    If she’s old enough to hold a camera and take pictures of her snatch, she is old enough to hold open house for whoever wants to enter as long as both are consenting to whatever sex acts they wish to do. Besides, who wants to nail her after she has been worn out and hollowed out? I like a tight hole and this one won’t be tight for long.

  • Samantha R

    I want to see her pussy!!

    I’ll clean that rug bettet then Stanley Steamer.

    Vanessa…..call me,


  • vanessa is a total whore

    remember when disney was known for it’s movies like aladdin and lion king? now it’s known for it’s gigantic hoes

  • Gonzo

    Are there uncensored versions of these somewhere?

  • BaJeezus

    Most girls hate pics like these cause they’ve sent their bf’s pics of their wet coochies before and now all their friends have seen the pics. Let the girl breathe and produce whatever she wants. Her bending over would be a good one. Ok where are the uncensored

  • xs

    Holy fuck I cannot believe what a bunch of dumbshits every is being about this.

    CLEARLY SHE IS A LESBIAN and wants out of the Disney/dating Zac Efron HSM image. Poor bitch is just trying to break free of the Disney whorehouse. When moralfags whinge about these these Disney chicks being oversexualised, I just want to slap them. Their whole upbringing in show biz they’re taught to dance for that dollar, give the people what they want, and then when they turn 18 and start doing it on their own terms they get fuckin sacrificed to the tabloids…? Fuck, you Americans have created some monsters in your time, but the DISNEY beast is the scariest fucking thng I’ve ever encountered. You cannot hide your kids (or your wife or you husband etc.) from that fucking travesty of child-grooming and mass marketing posing as ‘entertainment’.

    On a side note, as such Perez Hilton should be celabrating for this bitch and launching a ‘Free Vadge Hudgens’ campaign, not making a moral crusade out of her… if it was Zac doing the peen shots you know he’d be jizzing ‘GAY PRIDE!! GO ZAC!!!111!11! all over that shit…

  • Frank Pirro

    She was so much hotter when she was younger, where can I see the earlier photo sets your talking about?

  • Some Guy

    Censorship is for faggots and niggers.

  • Jo

    Gabriella Montez is a skank!

  • Nessa

    VH was NOT underage in those photos. The only one’s she was underage in were the very 1st ones. The pics with Alexa were taken in Alexa’s bedroom, which can be verified. She must’ve been holding on to these pics for awhile, hoping she would get famous like Vanessa. Since she couldn’t get famous on her own, she leaked the photos. With that said, VH is still a skank and has been for years.

  • The Truth

    Do peOple know DSF is just a chubby pale boy wHo can never get a date? They shoUld- cause he is….

    Still crying about ur ex?

  • Nate

    the pics are uncensored at LxCURL.com/hot-picts

  • Samantha R

    xs Says:
    March 15th, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Holy fuck I cannot believe what a bunch of dumbshits every is being about this.
    CLEARLY SHE IS A LESBIAN and wants out of the Disney/dating Zac Efron HSM image.

    Uh hum…..did you not see my Stanly Steamer rug cleaning post??

    Shit dude….i’ll go down quicker on that girls shit then the friggin Titanic went down in the Atlantic.

    Vanessa…call me. You have the #.

    Samantha R.

  • Quasimodo

    All you retards who say she was 17 and therefore the pictures are child pornography should spend a few dollars on a dictionary and look up what the word “child” means. And then try to wrap your pea brains around the word “pornography”. The pictures are neither. 17 year olds are not children. Nude pictures are not pornography.

  • DedTV

    Quasi, the police don’t use the dictionary when they drag your dumb ass into jail. They use law books which say if it’s under 18 and nude, it’s (almost always) illegal. When you try to argue in court that it’s ok because Webster’s Dictionary says it is, the judge is gonna laugh at you and then stick you in a cell with a very large man who will show in the dictionary what sodomy is before he rams the dictionary up your ass.