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Hayden Panettiere is a Midget in a Dress of the DAy

Hayden Panettiere looks pregnant, but maybe she just let her massive Russian fighter boyfriend cum inside her and hasn’t squeezed it out yet, like the bitch I just spent 10 minutes watching in some creampie porn, as a reference point, to see if my scientific theory actually makes sense….then again, she is kind of a midget, and maybe she’s just eaten a jelly bean or some shit and her little midget stomach looks round and full, or maybe she’s got fat, but I prefer thinking it’s caused by her circus freak show sex….

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  • Josie

    Geez, she’s 5’1 and so am I. I feel terrible when i read this “midget” and “circus freak” stuff. The average woman is 5’3″, so is it really so freakish to be 5’1? Please tell me, because I want the truth about how the world sees us short girls.

  • The truth

    Josie, the world doesn’t see you.

  • anonymous

    don’t listen to him Josie. short chicks are hot

  • josie

    tell the world to look down!

  • cowbulls

    The negative is short legs limit sexual positions. Turn that into a positive by trying harder in the other positions. I also suggest you avoid the 7 footer tall guys because the two of you looks stupid together. That’s Hayden’s biggest problem.

  • mike

    I LOVE short chicks. Where I live, we get the little feisty Latinas. 5’1″ is just about perfect to me.

  • xgod

    Josie, standing 6’3″ i usually do not bother looking at any woman who is shorter than 5’6″, because I don’t want people to think I am a pedophile.