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Shauna Sand Feeds Her Male Prostitute of the Day

It’s only fair, you know considering dude has to pretend to date this monster, and dude is probably shooting another sex tape with this monster, which means sticking his dick inside her scary, black, gaping pussy because that’s the only pay day the bitch has had, I mean other than when her soap star ex husband cuts her child support checks….cuz you know she’s such an involved and focused parent, an idol and inspiration to her kids, a role model as to what they shouldn’t do with their bodies, a reminder of their mom’s hooking to give them life luxuries so they don’t have to hook everytime she steps out of the house, going to clubs or laying on the beach half naked with multiple boy toys she hires to be her companion…

Hopefully, some of her time is spend analyzing her sex tape’s performance….to figure out how to do better next time around…cuz you know there’s going to be another one…cuz you can’t be a whore crying for attention without one.

I call this a pornstar in denial….No she’s not in denial, she should just be denied the opportunity to do porn…She’s the kind of bitch who shows up at the audition with a vagina on her face, that could probably double as one, cuz based on the dead animal in her panties, it probably would be the safer alternative, and more importantly just as fucking numb.

You gotta see her sex tape – It’s hilarious…….

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