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Selena Gomez Sluts it Up in Lace of the Day

Some diehard Vanessa Hudgens fans decided to report me to the authorities for posting pictures of a minor, even though the Vanessa Hudgens pics I posted weren’t nude, there’s no proof she was under 18 in them, cuz Hudgens is in her 20s and there’s not proof they are even Vanessa Hudgens….Some people always try to ruin your fun….

She wrote:

Please be advised that you are being reported for posting nude pics of a minor of 17 years. I would recommend highly that you take them down ASAP

This is her facebook, she looks like one of those weirdo Jesus people who would stick her nose in other people’s shit cuz High School Musical is all her crazy mind has to feel purpose…

That said, I avoid all pictures of anyone under 18, other than Taylor Momsen, because I’m not interested in pussy that young, sure the ass is rounder and the tits perkier, but the blowjobs are far less ambitious…I figure let them run through the testing and experimenting with people their own age, like Selena Gomez does with Bieber, and I’ll take them when the pussy’s a little rawer, a little more broken in, and when bitch know how to take a load on her face. Virginity isn’t fun unless it’s on a 40 year old. Experienced at 40 isn’t fun, but at 18 it is.

That said, Selena Gomez is not naked in these pics. She’s also not a minor of 17 years and unfortunately she’s not a Miner of 17 years, cuz miners are always lots of fun to hang around with, black lung and all.


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  • loppy

    When you do finally get a leaked naked photo of her you can call it “Justin’s Beaver.”

    (I wet myself.)

  • byrdshi

    HAHAHAHA I love that you posted her FB