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Liz Hurley is an Old Lady in a Tight Dress Filming Wonder Woman of the Day

I don’t want to give you or your virinity a heart attack, but here are some pictures of busty Liz Hurley on set in a tight enough dress to stare at, shooting Wonder Woman, which is probably going to be your new favorite show….I don’t mean to spoil the excitement of the first episode, you know you’ve already planned watching with a vat of mayonaise and some raw chicken skin for masturbation purposes, so think of it as a preview of what’s to come…if you know what I mean…which you do…


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  • cowbulls

    Damn, she is still hot. I wonder if she doesn’t take care of her sexual business. Why else would Hugh be trolling for ugly hookers a few years back?

  • Bob Smith

    She was always known as a real cunt, which is why no guy could stand to be around her.

    Everybody she’s with cheats on her. So why do you think that is?