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Vanessa Hudgens Channels Liz Taylor of the Day

I think Hudgens took this Liz Taylor death a little too seriously, so seriously, that bitch had to put herself under a scarf to hide from the media like she was Liz Taylor in the 1960s….I am guessing this is classiest way she could think of being seen during a time of drawing attention to herself, you know after seeing one of the Liz Taylor retrospectives on TV…forgetting that Hollywood isn’t what it used to be…and is no longer glamour or class but instead nothing but an overpaid pile of shit filled with shitty people who are better off dead….or in sex tapes…a hustle Hudgens know far too much about….

Either way, it’s almost offensive, she might as well piss on Liz Taylor’s grave before she robs it, I mean her body is still warm, and ripping her off is more obvious than when I wore a 11 year old boy in public the day MJ died, and I’m posting it anyway, cuz me and Hudgens are best fucking friends, at least that’s what I tell her legal team as they breathe down my throat….as I try to look up her skirt in these pics… FOLLOW ME

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