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Nicky Hilton’s Got Bad Ass of the Day

I’ve always Nicky Hilton’s body. I’m sure that’s had a huge impact on her everyday life, you know hitting the gym, buying the right spanx and jeans, studying herself in the mirror wondering if all the hard work, money and time that went into her revamping her look would get my approval, you know since I have a totally insignificant website no one ever reads…but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s got a shitty body and a budget to fix it if she really wanted to. I don’t get how someone seemingly skinny, can look so fucking sloppy, I’m talking her dumpy ass hanging off her bones, like some kind of muscular disorder that doesn’t allow the bitch to tone the fuck up….It’s insane…but I guess in her defense, at least she’s not Paris Hilton…cuz even if bitch rolled out in a wheel chair, attached to a bag to shit in, wearing a helmet so she doesn’t bang her head into the wall compulsively like some kind of retard, she’d still be the sister the family is most proud of, provided they got their Yuppie rich kid heads out of the bag of coke they still dabble in while the kids are out making sex tapes….A family of trash living off one man’s successes…I’m sure that Hilton empire founder would be proud of how shitty his genetics are. FOLLOW ME

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