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Paris Hilton Pretends She’s Not Racist of the Day

Neil Strauss, the writer of “The Game”, which outlines the basic psychology of tricking pussy into having sex with you, released a new book that features interview questions that never ran in magazines with a bunch of idiots. I was at a book store the other day trying to look up girls’ skirts when everything else was closed and I wasn’t ready to come back home, and I picked up a copy of the book…It bored me…but I know that last week he released some quote by Paris Hilton saying she doesn’t do black people, pretty much telling the world she’s no Kardashian, and now she wants to sue, but unfortunately, dude probably has the recording of her saying it, so in a PR sweep she’s gotta try to white wash this fact but doing charitable things for Japan, cuz a racist wouldn’t do anything nice for Japan….Apparently, she didn’t get the notice that no one gives a fuck about whether she’s a racist cunt or not, she’s been flagged a trashy piece of shit pig with a privileged life a long time ago, and she just doesn’t matter…but it’s nice to see her try anyway….and by nice I mean funny at how pathetic this sinking ship is.

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  • NeilStrAvocate

    Sure, I hate Paris Hilton as much as the next person but I will say this: NEIL STRAUSS IS A FUCKING GENIUS! Quit hatin on the man who wrote the book that actually helps Non Don Juan’s get women to respond to them. Maybe you should read The Game.. and while your at it, read Everyone Loves You When Youre Dead – its a great book 🙂

  • jamman

    Yo. Paris Hilton calling niggas ‘niggas’ has got a lot to do with how the girl was raised. In her rarified aire, every mofo be a nigga to her.

    U dont be gettin’ down on some street rat for speakin’ ‘street rat’ why you down on Queen Snake for speaking ‘queen snake’?

    Walk the mile in the other person’s shoes afore u run off all superior on some bitch cuz they dont see the world through your glasses.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Yea, what ^^^^said less the jive talk.

  • stove pipe

    Its not racist because a bitch wont fuck niggers and by niggers I mean blacks. Just because you don’t find niggers attractive doesn’t make you a racist it just means niggers are ugly to you. You are not required to find niggers good looking nor are you required to what to fuck them.