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Kylie Minogue Playin Out Some Kinf of Fetish on Stage of the Day

Here’s some Kylie Minogue in some weird Star Wars Roman Empire looking costume that I assume some of you nerd virgin losers are into. You know Sci/Fi fantasy shit…that brings back memories of you fisting yourself to Kid Icarus as you tried to save the world from evil while everyone else you knew was out hanging with their friends on the weekend and not sitting at home with their mom eating oreos while taking breaks from their Nintendo…

I’m posting it to show that breast cancer doesn’t slow a bitch down or rob her of her feminity and sex appeal, bitch can hustle her old lady shit in a way that makes me want to knock her up….or at least try.

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  • Joe

    Thats what happens when you cant play a a “musical” instriment and never wrote a hit song in your life. You make up distractions to cover up nothing going on, costumes, bungee dancers, lights, pre-recorded vocal and music tracks
    Why TF is she famous and why do all these morons in Europe and the UK buy into this fake crap ?

  • beavis

    She’s supposed to be Mercury, AKA Hermes, ancient god of dudes who have wings on their hat.

  • Paul

    Guess what Joe; most of the world likes Kylie and has done since the late 1980’s.
    Can we assume by your comments you are an ignorant yank?

    PS: I do not see all these horrid rappers with their songs of hate playing a “musical” instrument (note spelling of instrument)

  • Frank

    Never wrote a hit song? What the fuck are you on about Joe?

  • TwoDudes!box

    I would just like to say I am a dumb Yank, But STILL Love Kylie, and your right it has been since the 80’s! The First time seeing her Sing Loco Motion and they as a teen Cant get you Outta my Head… I mean what a better Object for a teenage boy to J.O. to! lol I love Her!

  • Alex