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Courtney Cox Mom in a Bikini Again of the Day

Here’s Courtney Cox on set in a bikini, cuz TV doesn’t find mom’s in a bikini inappropriate, but I do.

Nothing like a mom body in a bikini to encourage us to get married, knock a bitch up, only to leave her and spend your money on young groupie pussy, until you realize that you can’t keep up with young groupie pussy, and that all they want is for you to be a dancing monkey novelty act they show off to their friends at their college parties all while spending your Scream 1 through 3 money, that you don’t mind them spending until their tighter than your wife’s pussy gets boring and you get tired, making you crawl back to the familar menopausal vagina, tell her that you miss her and the kid, and that you want your old life back, blaming a midlife crisis and jealous about her and her costar from TV, only for all this to be a thing of the fucking past….Right?….FOLLOW ME

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