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Pizza Delivery Nightmare of the Day

I can only assume the only hope or joy or excitement a Pizza Delivery Man gets is the 5-15 seconds he waits on the stoop for the person who ordered the pizza to open the door. Will it be a hot girl who invites him into fuck, will it be a group of dykes having an all night sex party, will it be a rich old lady looking for someone to work for her instead of the shitty pizza man who has been oppressing you and blaming you for not being fast enough, a pressure that doesn’t warrant your 8 dollars an hour plus tips, especially after the horrible car accident that leaves you crippled for life with no disability pension cuz you were working under the fucking table, and I’m not talking about the horrible things that happen to play against that small glimmer of hope that your fantasy of a nude goddess opening the door will come true, ruined when the bitch who opens the door is some kind of inbred 50 year old trying to be funny for her brother/husband/lover/dad….this is the kind of shit that will make the average pizza man never wish a nude chick opens a door again…and that’s destroys the only perk of their shitty career choice….Shoulda graduated High School loser…FOLLOW ME

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  • Kisses4Katie

    Get your shit right. Delivery drivers make 5. an hour, plus tips. A tipped position does NOT receive minimum wage, even if tips don’t cover for it. Seriously. TIP YOUR FUCKING DELIVERY DRIVERS you piece of shit pizza eaters. They didn’t make it take 2 hours, that was the douche who cooked it and still gets 9 an hour.