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The Elizabeth Taylor Nude of the Day

Elizabeth Taylory posed nude when she was 24. They say it was an engagement gift for her third husband. I say, there’s not enough pussy lip in it. Fire this Roddy McDowall photographer, I mean if all parties involved weren’t dead….I want to see some 1956 bush….because jerking off to dead women before they were dead…you know vintage erotic knowing she’s at her prime…always works for me…cuz I’m just that kind of pervert…FOLLOW ME

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  • your mama

    not her

  • Sigh, the Fake Detective Detective exposed this one back in 2002. The model’s name is Lee Evans and it was shot in 1942..when Liz was 10 years old. And forgive me for stating the obvious but Elizabeth Taylor had bigger and better tits.

  • Senior Doomas

    Dumbass!!! You been had!