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The Elizabeth Taylor Nude of the Day

Elizabeth Taylory posed nude when she was 24. They say it was an engagement gift for her third husband. I say, there’s not enough pussy lip in it. Fire this Roddy McDowall photographer, I mean if all parties involved weren’t dead….I want to see some 1956 bush….because jerking off to dead women before they were dead…you know vintage erotic knowing she’s at her prime…always works for me…cuz I’m just that kind of pervert…FOLLOW ME

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RIP Motherfucker the Elizabeth Taylor Edition of the Day

What I coincidence. I feel like death and Elizabeth Taylor is death…not that that’s a surprise on any level, you know cuz she looked like she’s been dying hard the last 10 years, and now she can happily bond with all her friends who died before her, from Michael Jackson to Richard Burton and 45 of her other husbands…..I mean provided death wasn’t a permanent thing and landed you in a fancy penthouse apartment party of the stars..which I can assume it isn’t….

I’ll always remember her hot tits in classic movies…The world has lost one of the last of the classics…from when Hollywood was glamorous…and the real tragedy is that she didn’t bring Parish Hilton and the other trash that fills LA with her in some fiery natural disaster…this dying peacefully shit without bringing down people with you is kinda dull considering how eventful her career was. Oh well…. FOLLOW ME

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