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Kate Bosworth Topless Beach Pictures of the Day

I love me some little titty on a skinny bitch as much as the next guy. I love the idea of bitches tanning topless cuz they know tits aren’t a big deal, they’re just tits. You know on the European kick of why the fuck do I have to wear a bikini top, I didn’t wear one as a child and I’m not going to wear one now, allowing perverts like me to walk around in sunglasses gawking the shit out of them, cuz for some reason, as unexciting as tits are, I love starin at them and no matter how many tits I see, I love staring at them, and no matter how many tits and touch, I love staring at them and what better place than a beautiful beach, next to a beautiful Ocean in Mexico, my native land, to make the whole thing a lot better than looking at the shit in a dingy bar that smells like shit and poverty…

What I don’t get is how the photographer missed the fucking nipple pics, I mean shit, she’s topless on the beach, not even hiding her shit, and for some reason, this is the best picture we get – what a scam.

I call Conspiracy to get attention…..

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  • Mamabear

    Glad to see someone else is smart enough to see an attention whore for what she is.

  • loppy

    This paparazoo needs to turn his lens in. She goes for a swim, swims, gets out of the water again, and he can’t get a shot of her nipples???

  • FameMonster

    She’s so pathetic.

  • Jim

    This stupid Mexican that wrote this article doesn’t even know how to spell! LMFAO

    You could never get a girl like Kate Bosworth because she doesn’t want your uneducated ugly brown ass!

    I guess that’s why you have this website up, huh? To live out your pathetic dreams of what you can’t ever attain in real life.