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Kirsten Dunst is Naked in Melanchloia of the Day

Here’s some movie about the end of the world staring Kirsten Dunst, which is appropriate, because the end of the world already happened to her, and I guess she’s picking up the pieces like the nuclear holocaust hit and she survived, trying to brush her shoulder’s off and figure out the next steps of life, you know putting the shattered pieces back together like a complex puzzle that is drug and substance abuse, that took her from the top to the gutter, climbing back into the limelight one nude scene at a time…and lucky for us, they snuck some naked Dunst in the trailer, cuz her busty tits on her skinny frame, are always pornographic to me….

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  • me

    Dunst is sexy. Skinny, fat, tan or pale, she has a body that looks fun to f*ck. Sorry, but she does, snaggle tooth and all.

    The same can be said for very few women…