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Kristen Bell in a Yellow Bikini of the Day

I always thought Kristen Bell was overrated.

I’ve posted her imperfect legs in a bikini before…

I’ve laughed at her in her bikini when she was dating that dude named Dax ….

I’ve laughed at her when she got dumped by that loser…while she was wearing leggings ….

But I’ve never found her interesting, hot, sexy, she’s just real fucking basic at best…and I think these recent pictures of her, a little older, still in a bikini, prove what I’ve always said about her, and that is that she fucking sucks…

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  • Peter

    Say’s you, I say she was and is still hot and sexy !

  • Dave

    it’s about time someone else isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Kristen is soooo overrated. Please get out of Hollywood – your 15 minutes is waaaay up! Let me drive to the local mall and send you 30 hotter blondes immediately!