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Lily Aldridge in Lingerie of the Day

Here are some photoshopped to shit pictures of Lily Aldridge….She’s a lingerie model for SI, she dates dudes in bands, she’s pretty hot but I can’t stand catlog lingerie pictures…it brings back too many memories of getting caught masturbating growing up…not to mention the whole erasing of a fucking nipple just makes me mad…you see I can tell some of these outfits are sheer, but I don’t really feel like imagining what is under, what was erased, what was dulled out, what is under there. I’m not 12, it’s not the 70s anymore, I don’t need to stare at censored tits, I need to see the real fucking thing, the whole thing makes me angry and frustrated that the Christians even control panty advertising and promotions now….

Lily Aldridge should take her Playboy Playmates mom’s lead and get naked already….cuz she’s hot and not being put to good use….

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