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Katy Perry Shot By David LaChapelle of The Day

Here are some pictures of Katy Perry whoring herself. Sure it’s not the kind of whoring we’d want to see from her, you know on the side of the street, strung out on drugs, not only dying for another hit, but also dying of AIDS, Hep and malnourishment…hell she’s not even half naked in this campaign…

She’s just whoring herself to some hair Product company that sponsors her tour and pays her lots of money to get her to endorse the shit for all the little kids who follow her like she’s some kind of thick, dumpy, irritating God that can’t dance….but last time I checked, whoring is whroing so it’s good enough.

The pictures were shot by David LaChapelle, some high concept, used to be a big deal, photographer I’d expect more nudity from…or at least more use of her tits, since they are all she’s good for but I guess he’s playing it safe…. this is Christian America people…Relax yourself.

Here she is pretending she’s Cher

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  • uuumm. be whatever i want you to be! wow!!!

  • t

    looks like LaChapelle has lost his touch.. he ruled the entire 90s – photography wise