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Marisa Miller in her Underwear for Something of the Day

Half naked bitches playing with fully naked dolls is some high concept fashion photography bullshit that is exactly that…bullshit…It’s like these people come togethere and say “let’s do something obscure” and another one says “OMG, let’s put a doll in the picture” and the other says “A doll huh, that’s genius, what would a doll be doing in a fashion shoot”, and the other says “Exactly, it’s art”….Sold.

I don’t know, I find Marissa Miller old, like a retired stripper. Sure she’s got her fair share of body, but it’s one of those older lady bodies that comes from working out hard to never become that old lady. She’s got the fake tits. The hard face. The fake hair. I just don’t really get excited about this kind of thing, but I’ll post it anyway cuz half naked models are still half naked models even if their ripped bodies remind me of male models with implants…

I guess what I’m saying is I like my women either doughy or skin and bones, weak from starvation, etc. This kickboxing body just makes me nervous to have rape fantasies about her…not that I have those…but you know what I mean

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