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Irina Shayk Paying her Dues of the Day

This is not fact, but I have a feeling that Ronaldo made a deal with Irina Shayk that she becomes his girlfriend, to keep his homosexuality under wraps, cuz everyone knows faggots can’t date supermodels, in exchange for her becoming a supermodel, a small trade-off before you become a supermodel, cuz the idea of that fame is too good to pass up, but when you become the supermodel it’s hard to keep the lie alive, cuz ego makes you realize you don’t need the queer anymore, so now she shows up to his games totally uninterested, planning her escape…..

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  • Caleb

    Do your homework. She was already a supermodel before she started dating him. She landed her first Sports Illustrated spread when she was 20. Seriously, these posts are so dumb any idiot could have written them. If you get paid for it atleast make it look like there’s a reason they hired you.